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Don't Let Your Brain Fool You: A Guide to Beating Behavioral Biases in Investing

Ever feel that pang of FOMO (fear of missing out) when your friend boasts about their hot stock tip? Or maybe you are hesitant to sell an investment that's losing value, clinging to the hope it will bounce back? Welcome to the world of behavioral finance! Our brains are wired for survival,...

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Design Your Dream Life: Building Purpose Without a Traditional Job

Feeling adrift after clocking out? You're not alone.  

Climb the corporate ladder, they said. Find a "good" job, they said. But what if that good job just feels...well, good? Not exactly fulfilling? This article is for all the ambitious young professionals out there who crave more...

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The Retirement Reality Check
By taking proactive steps today, we can transform retirement anxieties into a feeling of "finally getting to read all those books on that beach chair" confidence.
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How do Inflation and Unemployment relate?

During September, the unemployment rate was 5.2%, which is still considerably higher than the pre-pandemic level of 3.5%. In such time the inflation rate (CPI) reached the 13 years high of 5.4%. Is this high inflation rate unfavorable for the economy? Or is there any relation between inflation and u...

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